Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random fabric cuteness

I just had to show off some of my random favourite fabrics which of course are the ones covered with cute animals!

Is there anyone out there that doesn't like Sock Monkey? So quirky and unique, I especially love these pogo stick-hopping ones.

The little piggies are so adorable and like the little animal fabric underneath it in the pic, is made in Japan. Why are the Japanese so great at coming up with the cutest, most original fabric designs? All I need is some Hello Kitty fabric and I will be in Heaven. (Especially if it's pink).

The goldfish fabric was an amazing find from my local sewing shop and I was so thrilled when I came across it. Desigend by Heather Ross, I recognised the pattern from some kitschy stationery I had bought entitled "Goldfish I Have Loved (too much?)". Who could resist itty bitty goldfish with names like Bubbles, Swimmy, Whit, Cliff and Spooky? (Perhaps she's an X-Files fan?)

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