Saturday, August 14, 2010

We've moved blog addresses!

Hello there! Thanks very much for stopping by!

Sarah and I just wanted to let you know that while we might still post things here on Shary Bobbins every so often, we now have blogs of our own where we do most of our posting!

Sarah's new blog is called Box Brownies:

Lauren's new blog is called Stuff:

We'd love if you'd come and visit us at our new blog homes and say hi!

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Envelope Project

The super clever Pip over at Meet Me At Mikes has come up with the awesome Envelope Project for all us bloggers to participate in. Yay! Basically you send in a prettied-up envelope with a little something special inside it and Pip will use them to decorate the window of her shop. How cool is that? Here are a couple of pics of my envelope and the little gift tags I stamped to go inside.

The envelope

And the gift tags. Mmm...donuts...

Gift tags

Now all I have to do is actually send it! If you want to get in on the crazy-envelope-decorating action then head on over to Pip's!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The best new video clip I have seen in a while...

Sia - You've Changed. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Birthday Party Fun

As I may have mentioned in Wednesday's post, yesterday was my birthday and I got a lovely surprise when I arrived at Sarah's place and saw that she had set up a gorgeous little tea party!She even put up some super cute bunting around the windows:

On the menu for afternoon tea were a dozen delicious cupcakes from Poppy Cakes. The Red Velvet cupcake was totally amazing; the buttercream icing wasn't sickly sweet like so many cupcakes can be and the contrast of the red cake and white icing looked so pretty.

I also got some lovely presents and what with having Italian food for lunch (my fave) and tasty cupcakes for afternoon tea, it was a great day all 'round. Thanks Sarah! (And Mum and Dad too for buying the cupcakes!)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What's Hot & What's Not Wednesday

My oh my how long it has been since I last did a What's Hot & What's Not Wednesday! Or an actual blog post for that matter....(*hides in shame*).
So, getting straight to it! (Written in festive colours of course).

What's Hot:

- The super cool embroidery patterns at Sublime Stitching. They're just so fab i'm going to order some and give it ago, despite the general awfulness of my past hand sewing attempts. Dodgy sock monkey anyone?

- My birthday on Sunday. Who doesn't love it when their b'day comes around? Presents, food and cake! What's not to love?

- Our Christmas tree! It's over 2m tall with twinkly lights and is decorated with ornaments that have been in our family for years. (Altough the weight of said ornaments are now giving the tree a lovely forward lean). There's nothing better than the feeling of putting up all of those familiar little ornaments and decorations on the tree and around the house every Christmas. And adding new ones too of course!
- Yankee Candles. A recent and lovely discovery. They have an absolutely huge range of scented candles and tonnes of yummy Christmas themed ones. The Christmas Biscuit and Cinnamon Sugar ones literally smell good enough to eat.

What's Not:
- The sad neglect of our little blog! New Years resolution- blog way more often!

- Oh, and people hacking into my email account and spamming everyone I know. Aargh!

Check out what else is Hot and Not at Loobylu.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What's Hot & What's Not Wednesday

Yet another Wednesday and another What's Hot and What's Not from Loobylu! My, how time flies when you're studying for an exam!
So, What's Hot?
- Getting my Uni exam over and done with on Monday. Although summer semester starts in a couple of weeks, it still means I can get back into crafting and blogging which have been somewhat neglected while I was studying!

- Having a long lunch with Sarah and Sean on Tuesday. It was a great way to celebrate the end of exams and Sarah and Sean leaving for their much anticipated holiday to Japan. Stay tuned for Sarah's upcoming post showing off all the fabric and crafty things she's picked up over there! Can you tell that i'm a teeny bit jealous?

- The Box. A really cool and unusual movie that keeps you guessing through 'til the end. It also gets you thinking- would you press the button? You can tell the story was originally on the Twilight Zone and is directed by the same guy who did Donnie Darko- much retro sci-fi music and weird atmosphere abounds!
-Plus, Cameron Diaz rocks some really great 70's hairstyles (and outfits) in it. Observe:
And What's Not?
- The fact that i'm not going to Japan to search for Geisha and Hello Kitty.

- Not being able to craft or blog in the last week because i've had to study for an exam instead.
- Blogger constantly changing the layout of my posts so the published version looks different (and much messier) than the draft version! So unbelievably irritating!
- Not being able to buy Cath Kidston's new book or the Food Safari cookbook because I have to wait until my birthday or Christmas to get them. (Insert a childish sounding "Aww, not fair!" here.)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Finders Keepers Brisbane

After a few weeks of saving and excitement the Finders Keepers market has finally arrived in Brisbane.

and boy where the crowds out in force....

the Old Museum was filled to capacity with eager market goers of all ages and persuasions. This was just the view outside on the verandah

Inside was just as busy and unfortunately it made it quite hard to actually be able to see what was on display.

Frankie Magazine had a fantastic little stall of their own and I was able to pick up these vintage inspired goodies. I managed to score some great wrapping paper, a vintage pillowcase, and a gorgeous 70's inspired Christmas card. What's with the hairspray you say? Well it was actually a lucky dip prize given to every customer. I can't remember the last time I dabbled in a lucky dip. (I did not realise they still made this stuff, I might have to use it with caution).

One of my favourite finds of the day were these beautiful Christmas tags from paper boat press . They are going to look great as decoration on bottles of Jam or simply as decorations for the tree. For hand made ceramic gift tags, they were very reasonable at only $15 a pack.

I also found these great packs of Christmas Cards from Blossom Creations. I can't wait to break them out for Christmas this year.

Overall the market was a lot of fun but some of the stalls were aimed at higher end buyers and quite expensive. It was however great to see Selvedge House, Rebecca from Edward and Lilly and the other girls from BrisStyle all displaying their amazing creations. I would have to say that the BrisStyle Markets are still more my cup of tea with vintage inspired creations and less mainstream high fashion kind of style. Now I just have to hold on till the BrisStyle Indie Designers Market in December to get my market fix.