Wednesday, September 30, 2009

and so it begins........

Well its official, I have signed up for the Blogtoberfest!

Now this is a pretty scary concept for someone who has until recently been quietly stalking the many creative blogs on offer. I was inspired to join in after reading a post over at Badskirt
. I am hoping this will be a good opportunity to get started on my blogging career.

She has suggested via the Blogtober Idea Hub that 'Knocktober' maybe a good place to start. Well what can I say, I am a married twentysomething ( ie late twenties) girl living in sunny Brisbane. I have recently rediscovered my love of crafting and finally finding a use for all the bits and pieces that I have picked up opping over the years. My latest toy is my new iphone which has come in very handy when trying to settle those pesky little arguments which only the help of imbd can solve. Unfortunately for me my husband's latest toy is his new power drill. I'm not sure if my house will survive.

I am a little concerned that with a full time job I may find it hard to keep up the pace but with the state of television at the moment (bringing back Hey Hey Its Saturday, come on!#) I think I may have plenty of time on my hands. So if you too are feeling inspired and up to the challenge check out TinnieGirl and sign up.

Reader Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee the content of this post, A: makes sense, B: will actually go to the web links contained in this post and C: does not contain more than a healthy dose of sarcasm.


  1. goodluck with blogtoberfest, I soo looking forward to blogging around the universe and meeting new people.

  2. Welcome to Blogtoberfest - I too have been blurking around these craft blogs for sometime and thought it would be nice to just jump in and have a go!

  3. hiya, I am too in the blogfest and just pop by to say hi,love your blog,.love from Glenda

  4. Thanks for joining in. Hope you have fun.

  5. I heard about Hey Hey. I want to have a peek.