Thursday, October 1, 2009


Well Sarah just informed me about an hour ago that she had signed us up for Blogtoberfest (gee thanks sis!) While I was slightly alarmed at first at having to find something vaguely interesting to write about for a month I now think that it will be a lot of fun. I love that there are kooky topic suggestions for every day of the month (thank God!) and really who could resist participating in something with such a cute name? Plus it is a good poke in the arm to blog more regularly!

Since the first topic is Knocktober I will tell you a few things about me...

Basically I am what I refer to as a "socially functioning nerd" in that i'm a nerd who actually has some social skills. I love geeky stuff like The Lord of the Rings, Buffy, Miyazaki films and anime. I also believe I should have been born in Japan, the land of Hello Kitty and other absurdly cute fluffy things.

The nerdy highlight of my life recently was meeting Ben Barnes (aka Prince Caspian) at the set of The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Best-day-ever!

While Sarah and I have always been into the crafty stuff, I got back into it again recently when Sarah told me about all the cool craft blogs out there. Then she said she wanted to learn to sew, so in true little sister fashion I tagged along and started doing it too! Plus I started watching Martha Stewart on the How To channel. Martha can be very persuasive.

Well that's a bit about me. Tomorrow it looks like I will be writing about music. If I remember that is, because another thing about me is that I tend to forget stuff. So therefore I might be writing about music tomorrow.


  1. I watch a couple of programs on the How To channel.

    My kids think the same way about Japan. My eldest is starting a Japanese language course at Tafe soon. The second if he gets the chance to get into the uni he wants will choose it as a subject I think. Then we shop at The Hub supermarket in Canberra when we go there. It is an Asian shop that tries to encourage all nationalities to shop there, so the staff speak lots of languages. I felt welcome there, and we buy Asian lollies. My duaghter has a cute Hello Kitty t-shirt. They play Mario etc. etc.

  2. You met Ben Barnes?? You lucky thing!!! Absolutely, LOTR and BtVS: I was just saying Mr Billowy Coat King of Pain today!!!