Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What's Hot & What's Not Wednesday

My oh my how long it has been since I last did a What's Hot & What's Not Wednesday! Or an actual blog post for that matter....(*hides in shame*).
So, getting straight to it! (Written in festive colours of course).

What's Hot:

- The super cool embroidery patterns at Sublime Stitching. They're just so fab i'm going to order some and give it ago, despite the general awfulness of my past hand sewing attempts. Dodgy sock monkey anyone?

- My birthday on Sunday. Who doesn't love it when their b'day comes around? Presents, food and cake! What's not to love?

- Our Christmas tree! It's over 2m tall with twinkly lights and is decorated with ornaments that have been in our family for years. (Altough the weight of said ornaments are now giving the tree a lovely forward lean). There's nothing better than the feeling of putting up all of those familiar little ornaments and decorations on the tree and around the house every Christmas. And adding new ones too of course!
- Yankee Candles. A recent and lovely discovery. They have an absolutely huge range of scented candles and tonnes of yummy Christmas themed ones. The Christmas Biscuit and Cinnamon Sugar ones literally smell good enough to eat.

What's Not:
- The sad neglect of our little blog! New Years resolution- blog way more often!

- Oh, and people hacking into my email account and spamming everyone I know. Aargh!

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  1. Happy Birthday that's hot ... your post's are too. Hope your day is super duper ;)

  2. A post! Sweet!

    And happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! Yankee Candles are quite the thing. Every time I walk past their store I feel hungry... mmmm yum.