Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Holey Moley it's a Sock Monkey!

I know this post is a day late but I swear that I really did finish my sock monkey yesterday, I just decided to hold off until posting today. Really!!! I swear on my fabric stash!
As you can see Mr Sock Monkey looks very "rustic", or as Sarah would say, "shabby chic". Or you could say he's just plain dodgy looking.

There is some truly craptastic hand stitching going on here, and I somehow managed to sew on one ear higher than the other. The stitches on his head give him a lovely frontal-lobe lobotomy look, but he can still read his Mixtape zine so it's all good!

Despite the questionable workmanship, I still love him and his sock monkey adorable-ness.

Has anyone else out there in crafty blog land made any sock monkeys? If you have i'd love to see any pics you have of them!


  1. I love sock monkey - he has a great expression (and excellent taste in reading material!). He's much better than the teddy that I made last year ... that everyone thought was an alien.

  2. Your sock monkey is awesome, despite (maybe because of) looking a little off-kilter.

  3. Shhh Lauren - he might hear you!
    I really like him, he looks half drawn - half sewn...don't be too tough on him. I think he has great character! Chele x