Saturday, October 31, 2009

Finders Keepers Brisbane

After a few weeks of saving and excitement the Finders Keepers market has finally arrived in Brisbane.

and boy where the crowds out in force....

the Old Museum was filled to capacity with eager market goers of all ages and persuasions. This was just the view outside on the verandah

Inside was just as busy and unfortunately it made it quite hard to actually be able to see what was on display.

Frankie Magazine had a fantastic little stall of their own and I was able to pick up these vintage inspired goodies. I managed to score some great wrapping paper, a vintage pillowcase, and a gorgeous 70's inspired Christmas card. What's with the hairspray you say? Well it was actually a lucky dip prize given to every customer. I can't remember the last time I dabbled in a lucky dip. (I did not realise they still made this stuff, I might have to use it with caution).

One of my favourite finds of the day were these beautiful Christmas tags from paper boat press . They are going to look great as decoration on bottles of Jam or simply as decorations for the tree. For hand made ceramic gift tags, they were very reasonable at only $15 a pack.

I also found these great packs of Christmas Cards from Blossom Creations. I can't wait to break them out for Christmas this year.

Overall the market was a lot of fun but some of the stalls were aimed at higher end buyers and quite expensive. It was however great to see Selvedge House, Rebecca from Edward and Lilly and the other girls from BrisStyle all displaying their amazing creations. I would have to say that the BrisStyle Markets are still more my cup of tea with vintage inspired creations and less mainstream high fashion kind of style. Now I just have to hold on till the BrisStyle Indie Designers Market in December to get my market fix.

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  1. Great place, wonderful finds...have a good time away!! Chele