Saturday, October 3, 2009

2# Rocktober...................

Ahh music what better place to start in order to really get to know a person. Now I could write about all the cool, hip, recent music that I am listening to at the moment but wheres the fun in that! I want to talk about all those CD's and songs which lay hiding in your iPod collection, only to emerge during those unfortunate party situations where some one puts it on shuffle.

you know which ones I'm talking about....

Exhibit A:

Now what child of the 80's does not remember the joyful sounds of Huey Lewis and The News. Now I do have to admit that this may be more of a recent purchase than I care to admit (damn itunes) and all i can say is 'If this is it' then 'I'm stuck with you'. Now I can hear the proverbial cringes from here and it you get it, then you are as sad as me. Moving on....

Exhibit B:

Well what can i say about this one... I am still trying to understand the concept and possible symbolism of the song onion skin, but despite this conundrum I still can't get enough of it. If anyone out there knows the significance of this song I would be happy to know.

This is just a small example of the hidden depths of my music collection but I wonder what is lurking in yours?? All you can do is sit back and embrace the music collection that you have because it is probably a mixtape unlike anyone else's in the world.

Tomorrow, thanks to escaping the prison that is work, I promise to post some crafty goodness.

Reader Disclaimer : Please note listening to any of the music listed above may A: Seriously effect your street creed, B: attract the elderly or C: induce an unstoppable urge to get down and boogie.


  1. OMG that Boom Crash Opera album brings back so many teenage memories (I still have my copy circa 1989 or 2000 on vinyl).
    I went to see them a few yeas later when I was at uni.... I still remember that night

  2. "Forest for the Trees" Oh dear! Please keep my guilty secret to yourself :)

  3. I just bought that Huey Lewis album on iTunes. It is AWESOME. Huey Lewis just knew how to have a good time!