Monday, October 5, 2009


Well i'm so glad todays' topic is birds! I love birds. Whenever I see something with a bird on it I want to buy it. It can get rather expensive. I especially love owls. I mean, how could you not love them? Their big eyes, their cute sort-of-round shape, their lovely hooting, the way they can swoop down and carry off squirrels...well perhaps not the last part. I really like squirrels too.

I especially love how people are using birds in their crafting. From softie owls to bird themed crosstitch patterns, jewellery and paintings, I just love looking at peoples' different interpretations of birds.

One of my recent bird acquisitions is a gorgeous owl tealight holder by Have You Met Miss Jones which was a present from my Mum.

You can't tell from the photo but when you light it up it glows beautifully from within.

Does anyone else out there have a love of collecting birds? Or is perhaps doing any crafting with birds as the feature? I'd love to know!

Oh and as for the sock monkey, I hope to finish him off tomorrow. Watch this space! Hopefully he will come out actually looking like a sock monkey. At the moment I have my doubts.


  1. hello!
    i'm participating in Blogtoberfest and popped by for a peek...

    i love your amazing idea of using old video tape boxes for organizing tools!! i will have to see if i have any of those clear plastic boxes - i'm afraid my remaining tapes were paper-packaged =-(

    also loved your post about sewing machine troubles - i hate when that happens! grrr >=-[

    hope to see your sock monkey soon =-)

  2. My mum has a thing for penguins - so whenever I see anything penguin-related I have to buy it. She also loves ladybirds so similarly, ladybirds often fall into my trolley / basket / bag when out and about shopping!

    I have some small owl macrame wall hangings at home that I can't find a spot for - would be happy to pop them in to post tom come and live with you (if you'd like). Just email me your mailing address!

  3. What a lovely candle holder! People are bird crazy at the moment. Its been gradually building for a while, I've noticed. Maybe its a freedom thing? Symbol of hope? Its a recognisable silhouette too that can be stylised easily, so great to design with... Or maybe birds are just cute?