Thursday, October 8, 2009

8# From little things big things grow.....

Well it been a week since signing up for Blogtoberfest and things are going A OK. It's not too late to join in the fun or should I say insanity!

Today I thought I might share with you the project that got me back into the world of crafting and discovering the amazing online crafting community.

I have always love making things since I was a kid. My first official foray into stitching was due to my 6th grade teacher, who during the year managed to teach us only two things a) how to use deodorant (you know that age) and B) how to cross stitch. All the important things in life!

She made the whole class learn how to cross stitch, even the boys, and we all managed to create a cross stitch Easter Egg for our families. (I wish I had a photo to show but I might have to pop over to the parents and pull it out).

I was immediately hooked and it was not long until I was a permanent fixture down at our local craft shop. I crafted and stitched into my teens but it was here that I began to become disillusioned by the Nana style patterns out there.

It was not until I received this for Christmas last year, from my beautiful husband that I rekindled my love of making my own handmade goodies. Of course there were the requisite holes and stressful moments but I had no idea that I could actually hand sew my own little softie.

I was so excited when I had finished Miss Buttons that I noticed the pattern recommended that you upload a picture of your completed Miss to the Sew Your Own album on their website. After excitedly uploading my picture I noticed just how many other people had done the same thing and from here it helped me to discover just how far things had come in recent years in the crafting community and all the wonderful modern interpretations out there.

I am now officially addicted and can't remember what life was like with out it. Thank you Miss Buttons :)

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  1. I think my 6th grade teacher was pretty much the same. Your post had me laughing so hard that my poor cat nearly jumped out of her skin, and the kiddo was asking "WHAT? WHAT Mommy? Are you ok?"