Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's Hot and What's Not


1. Roller derby
On Tuesday we threw caution to the wind and went out to the movies on a school night. We saw Whip It and it was well worth trip. It made me want to go out and see some derby here in Brisbane and break out the skates. Go Girls!

2. Wednesday Market Day at UQ
I'm very lucky to have a market appear every Wednesday right at work. It is something to look forward to, in a normally uneventful work week. I especially love this time of year when the most delicious strawberries are on offer. (Please excuse the quality of the photo I was afraid that if I had waited until tonight there may not have been any left to photograph).

3. Holidays
In just a few weeks time it will finally be holiday time. We are lucky enough to be heading off to Japan for 8 days and I can't wait! The autumn leaves, all the cute fabric and stationary. What more can you say.

Photo courtesy of Kamoda on Flickr


1. More Dust !
Today another dust cloud made it's way into Brisbane. While it was not as bad as the red dust of previous weeks it is still a major pain especially with my asthma.

2. Holidays
The fact I still have 12 days left at work before the above mentioned holidays!


  1. Japan! you are lucky.
    Have a great time and buy heaps!

  2. Japan, how lucky are you, have a great time! Yuck all that dust and with asthma- just awful. I see you have a little Kewpie doll too, so cute! Chele

  3. OOOh I am jealous - have a fabulous time in Japan. I can't think of anything more exciting. Thanks for playing along last week! xx