Saturday, October 10, 2009


Besides crafting another hobby of mine is cooking and especially baking. So therefore I deemed that for my Blogtoberfest post today I would show you the cheesecake that Mum and I made together for Dad's birthday. (Happy Birthday Dad!)

I love sweet things (who doesn't?) and as a result I really love collecting all sorts of cookbooks that support my habit. I have around 50 so far and I plan to keep on adding to my collection in the future. They're just so addictive! The beautiful, tummy-rumbling inducing photos, the yummy recipes, I mean even if you don't actually like cooking you can still have fun flipping through them. I particularly love Nigella Lawson, the Goddess of the kitchen and Jamie Oliver. Nigella has the most gorgeous cookbooks and I dare you to read one and not want to cook something! Her chocolate peanut butter cups really are drool inducing.

At the moment I am coveting Jamie's new book Jamie's America. At the first possible opportunity I am so getting myself a copy! Unfortunately that may not be for a while because I spent the last of my money buying Kath Kidston's Make book. Dammit.

The cheesecake Mum and I made is a New York baked cheesecake from the good ol' Australian Women's Weekly and it was goooood! (If I do say so myself.) I was really happy with how it turned out and it was very easy to make it gluten free by using rice cookies for the base. Actually, the rice cookies were heaps tastier as a base than the usual Nice biscuits I use.

I believe everything tastes better when it's home made, and this cheesecake was definitely better than a store bought one. The recipe is one I will certainly use again and besides, who doesn't love an old fashioned dessert anyway?

Does anyone have any favourite retro desserts they couldn't live without? I'd love to hear about them!


  1. Mmmmm, cheesecake! Yummy! One of my favorites, too. I may have to make a cheesecake today.... Or just go to Barnes & Noble for Godiva Cheesecake and coffee.....

  2. Baked cheesecake is my favourite!