Monday, October 19, 2009

My Place and Yours: On the Shelf

I was passing by Meet Me at Mikes yesterday (i'm a long time lurker there) and saw the meme called My Place and Yours and Pip's theme is On the Shelf. So without much further ado here is what's on my shelf (or shelves to be exact):Cookbooks! I can't help myself when it comes to buying them and now i'm a certified cookbook junkie. Nigella and Jamie are my faves. Is there a rehab clinic for an addiciton like this? Betty Ford for book junkies?

A whole bunch of stuff! This shelf is above my desk and as you can see it's chock full of little bits and pieces i've collected plus some of my Uni textbooks. It's really hard to dust though!

Sarah will post a pic of her shelf tomorrow, and you can bet that hers will be a hell of alot neater than mine!


  1. LOVE a good cookbook..and I think you have most of them on your shelf! nice.

  2. Let's go to Betty Ford together. I'll sneak in the Nigella's if you sneak in the Stephanie's! I'm so pleased to visit your blog and have you play along! Hurrah! xx