Sunday, October 4, 2009

When Sewing Machines Go Bad...

Since it's day four of Blogtoberfest and my turn to post, I thought I would make a cute little sock monkey and post some pics of that. Unfortunately several things went wrong along the way...

Firstly, I sewed one of his arms the wrong way out. I didn't realise this until I had spent a copious amount of time re-sewing it because it had a hole in it. So I had to cut a new arm from a new sock.

Secondly, my sewing machine went crazy and appeared to have a big tangle of thread stuck under the mechanism of the bobbin. I then had the genius idea of using a sewing needle to fish it out. I then lost said needle inside of the sewing machine. It made a lovely rattling noise whenever I moved it around. Thus began the long job of trying to get the tangle and the needle out of the machine. So to cut a long story short, a phone call to Sarah, alot of help from my Dad (thanks Dad!) and the complete removal of the casing of my machine and voila! The needle! Unfortunately I also discovered that there was no actual tangle in the bobbin mechanism and therefore using the needle in the first place was absoultely pointless.

So with my machine finally put back together and for some reason now working perfectly, I got back to working on my sock monkey.

But... then I sewed the tail the wrong way out (apparently I still hadn't learned my lesson) and had to cut a new one. Then I finally had all the limbs made and was stuffing the body with polyfill....until I ran out of it. So that's why I have no sock monkey picture to post and why I have to go to Lincraft tomorrow.

But maybe, just maybe, there will be a sock monkey to post tomorrow... or maybe Tuesday...


  1. Sounds suspiciously like something I would do ;)

    Good luck fixing up the monkey tomorrow (or the next day!)

  2. Also sounds like one of my sewing days!! I look forward to future sock-monkey-ly goodness!! :-)