Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Macrame Owl Goodness!

I got the coolest surprise today when I opened my letterbox and found two super awesome owls from Ange!

I just love their cute retro-ness and they now have a happy new home in my room.
However I'm now thinking they would look rather lovely hanging over my sewing desk instead so they will be relocated once I (okay, my Dad) has put some hooks into the wall!
So a BIG thank you to Ange for the new resident owls, I just love them!


  1. So very pleased to see them appreciated and happy in their new home (they had been tucked away in a plastic bag at the bottom of my wardrobe and would have gone to the Salvos when next we had a clean-out).

    Hopefully they can supervise many hours of fruitful sewing - and that would be return enough for me!!

  2. I totally have a thing for owls - very cute!