Saturday, October 17, 2009

17# Shake and Bake

Today for the first time in awhile I actually had the time to take it a bit easier and fit in some baking. I have had the Crabapple Bakery Cookbook by Jennifer Graham for a little while now and despite drooling over the pages had not actually had a chance to make any of the yummy cupcakes.

So with the time and the fact that I have been invited to the Brisbane Brown Owl meeting tomorrow I decided to get baking...........

It was great to have the time to make something a bit special. Since my husband was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease last year I have had to really be creative and cook most meals from scratch. I have been lucky to find some great gluten free packet mixes for cakes but today I thought I would try a normal cupcake recipe and simply replace the normal plain flour with gluten free plain flour. This was with some trepidation I must admit.

I was actually quite surprised with the final result. I have found particularly when making pikelets that the gluten free flour can not rise quite as well as normal flour but the cupcakes rose really well, almost too well. I also found the texture to be a lot more lighter and fluffier with the gluten free flour.

Please excuse the icing though it was my first attempt at using a piping bag :)


  1. Yummy cupcakes and I love the photo with the Eiffel Tower - very arty!

  2. I love that your cupcakes are sitting beautifully under the Eiffel tower :)