Monday, October 5, 2009

5# Storage Fun: i.e. how to manage your stash (of craft that is)...

Lately I have been trying to amalgamate all my crafty bits and pieces into a more organized collection(easier said then done). I was over at Mum and Dad's on the weekend, where Mum was still trying to turn my old room into her own little retreat. The only problem is the small collection or should I say hoard of my childhood belongings still laying around. Mum is under the belief that I must have been Andy Warhol in another life because she has never seen someone keep so much crap. I mean, come on, those movie stubs from 1995 are really going to come in handy one day.

I managed to clear out most of my stuff and in the process we came across our old video collection.

Much to my Mum's dismay I was determined to find a crafty way to utilize them. It seemed such a shame to get rid of the videos, when there had to be a use for them (especially the Bananarama video, it had be some kind of heirloom?#).

So I bundled them up to take home and then today I had a thought! What about take out the labels and use as storage to organize my every growing collection of vintage buttons, beads and other nick naks.

As you can see they turned out pretty handy.

I think they are a really great way to store things like buttons and other crafty supplies because they are clear and a label can be slipped into the old plastic lining which previously held the movie label. I'm sure everyone out there has a few old videos laying around the house ready to use.

Now to just make the labels ........

maybe tomorrow.


  1. What a fabulous idea! You can often buy video cases at our local $2-type shop and they're so much cheaper than the crafty-storage containers!

  2. That is a super idea!